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11:22am 23/07/2009
  My car got stolen last night. It was recovered already, they got the stereo and some cds, and they ripped out my ignition so now I have to turn it on and off with a flathead screwdriver. All in all not the worst thing in the world though, still locks, they didn't scratch it up badly or anything where they broke in. Still, not the best way to start my day.  

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02:22pm 21/07/2009
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Stolen from Erica   
09:16am 08/06/2009
  Things You Probably Need To Know About Me: A/V Edition

I think the best shows on TV right now are:


I think the best show NOT on TV is:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The show I think I would like but haven't watched yet is:

Until last night it was Dexter. Now, maybe that Big Love show?

The show I am most anticipating is:

Lost of course. Final season. Be forewarned: There will be an all-Dharma Initiative party at that point.

My go-to movies for repeat viewings are:

Wet Hot American Summer
Any Harry Potter movie, although the later ones are better
Three Musketeers/Man in the Iron Mask

I will watch any movie starring:

C. Thomas Howell
Alan Rickman
Phillip Seymour Hoffman

I will listen to any CD by:

David Bowie
Juliana Theory

My favorite musical soundtracks are:

Sound of Music
Origian Dr. Doolittle
My Fair Lady

My favorite Beatles song:

Penny Lane

My favorite Regina Spektor song:

Don't have one

My favorite Weezer song:

Why Bother?

My favorite Simon and Garfunkel song:

Cecelia (Good answer E)

My favorite Britney Spears song:

Remake of "My Perrogative" SO kidding. I don't think there is one that I can stand all the way through

My favorite movie soundtracks:

Ghostbusters 1&2
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1&2 (Go ninja go ninja go!)

My favorite Disney movie:

Sleeping Beauty
Beauty and the Beast

My favorite song from a Disney Movie:

A Whole New World

My favorite songs at this exact moment are:

Fade into you by Mazzy Star...bringing back memories of teen angst

What would your answers be?

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07:34pm 24/05/2009
  I had the best day. I need to write about it because so many of my entries are depressing.

So, I picked up Annie and saw her new condo (SO awesome) and her doggy who is adorable and loving. We headed out to Emily's bridal shower in Lansing. We were one turn away from her house when there, in the middle of the road, is this huge turtle! So, I stop the car to block the road, which Annie thinks is hysterical, and I get out to move it. As I'm about to pick it up, Annie says, "Make sure it's not a snapper!" and I laugh, because I'm from the fucking suburbs and wasn't aware that there were snapping turtles in Michigan. Well, I got a pretty quick education when I went to move him, as he tried to take my arm off. So, I dropped him back down, and he squared off with me, following my every move. I couldn't go near him without him going at me, so I tried to make him follow me off the road, which he almost did, but he stopped just on the inside of the line and wouldn't go any further. At that point, another lady stopped behind me to help. She had a crowbar and the pad from her seat, which she tried to coax the turtle onto. About that time, Lacey drove past and saw my car, so she pulled over too. So, and mind you this is a semi-busy two-lane road, there are these three women, two of whom are all dressed up, crowded around this giant angry turtle. It was pretty funny.

We eventually got the big guy off to the bank and headed onto Emily's party. It was a blast! The party had a Michigan theme, so they had Koegel hot dogs and buns, Vernor's, and Better Made chips. All the party prizes were also from Michigan, like Saunder's things and some other things in Michigan bags. There was a Michigan trivia game, which we did not do well in, and an Emily and BJ game, which I won a prize for. There was a separate Emily game that I also won a prize for, but as Lacey, Annie and I were her only college buddies there really, I'm not surprised. If her sister had been playing we would have lost badly, but, what can I say, we know our girl!

Lacey brought Leland, her 6 month old, to the party with her. He is such a good baby! I spent a lot of the party on Emily's parent's porch with Annie, Lacey and Leland on the porch swing. He was just laughing and laughing the way only a baby can, with total joy and inhibition. It was really awesome. Eventually, though, he did get tired and start to cry. Lacey took that as an exit cue, and Annie and I followed as we had to go back soon anyways (Annie is still in the process of moving into her new pad) and we wanted to see the rest of Lacey's family since we were all in Lansing anyways. So we drove over to Kyle's parent's house, and Kyle's brother and wife were also in town from Chicago with their two awesome dogs, which I played with. Mollie was standing at the screen door screaming "AUNT JENNY AND AUNT ANNIE ARE HERE!!!" as soon as she saw us pull up, which was adorable. We sat out on the porch and visited a bit while catching up on the Wing's game. Mollie and I did some cheerleading in the front yard while the dogs played nearby, and then we took turns playing "horsey" for the girls. After, Annie and I went back to her house and I got to visit with her mom, sister and brother, as her bro and sis were in town to help move as well. I also got to talk to Jonny on the phone for a bit today, which was really nice. I miss him like crazy. He only called to tell me how hungover he was, and then later texted me to tell me he got his waitress's number while hungover and pathetic, and that he ruled at life. <3

All in all, today was awesome. Hopefully I have lots more summer fun to report on soon.

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12:26pm 26/02/2009
  i'm at work at the funeral home and a lady just asked me if it was ok to be buried with her cat. She doens't want him cremated or anything, just shoved right in with her. She said God wouldn't mind.

This job has it's amusing moments.

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College Part 2   
10:53am 25/02/2009
  So I'm strongly considering going back to school for my MBA. This is because I'm making no money. So I check out the FAFSA website for the calculator to see what I might be eligible for. I made less than $15,000 last year (just did my taxes) and somehow, my "estimated need" is $0. What the shit is that? Does anyone know a way to pay for college that might not plummet me further into debt than I already am????? I can't afford payments on anything, I work 2 jobs and don't get 40 hours between them.

I just want to scream, like, all the time. I am so effing frustrated with not being able to get a job in my degree field, or any field for that matter. My whole life, my parents were insistant that my brother and I attend a 4 year college so that we could get a good job (neither of them made it through). So now, TWO YEARS after graduating, my brother and I both live with my parents, he hasn't had a real job since graduation, and I've had several jobs, but nothing that could pay the bills or even afford me to move out of my parent's house, thanks to the enormous debt college put me into. I can either pay my bills, or not live with mom and dad. But that's it.

I know I'm not alone in this, but it sure feels like it sometimes.

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03:31pm 08/12/2008
  So, I had my surgery a week ago tomorrow. The surgery itself went well, I'm told. I was out from the second after the lady said "Ok, time to go to sleep" until an hour later when I woke up in an eerily similar room (except that it had no window) in excruciating pain. Thankfully, hospitals carry demoral (sp?) for just such an occasion. Turns out that, besides the pain I could feel (basically felt like the worst cramps of my life) and the nausia, which passed after a few more hours rest, the doctor "knicked" my LABIA...no, you read that right, and knicked it with a laser no less. So, that's a pretty unpleasant place to have a burn, but, he gave me some burn cream and it's going away....slowly and painfully. I have to have another appoinment in 3 weeks to make sure we got everything, then ANOTHER pap in 3 months (that'll be 4 this year...ugh). But all in all, pretty ok experience...Oakwood Main is a nice hospital and everything went pretty quickly, the nurses were nice and didn't mind my insane sense of humor or repeated references to "Scrubs" and "Grey's Anatomy" and "ER". Although none of my doctors or nurses watch those shows, oddly enough. Or at least they wouldn't admit to watching them. :)

I'm going to Philly for New Year's again, so far as I know. If anyone wants to come, I'd love the driving company. Other than that just working, every day now til xmas, and loading a bullet a day into the gun that i'll use to blow out my brains at the end of the holiday shopping season :o

That said, I want to hang out post-Christmas with EVERYone. Let me know when ya'll are free.

Oh, and, good show December 23rd at the Magic Stick. I suggest you all go! Gepettofiles and Devil Elvis.


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05:41pm 09/11/2008
  I don't have cancer! This is good news. I am, however, not 100% out of the woods. I have severe displasia...which according to the internet means: "In severe dysplasia or carcinoma-in-situ (CIN III) the entire thickness of cells is disordered, but the abnormal cells have not yet spread below the surface. Carcinoma-in-situ means "cancer in place". If this condition is not treated, it often will grow into an invasive cervical cancer." and also: "Carcinoma in situ, meaning "cancer in place," represents the transformation of a neoplastic lesion to one in which cells undergo essentially no maturation, and thus may be considered cancer-like. In this state, cells have lost their tissue identity and have reverted back to a primitive cell form that grows rapidly and without regulation. However, this form of cancer remains localized, and has not invaded into tissues below the surface."

So I'm having some surgery on December 2nd to get some parts of me lopped off. It's supposed to be not that fun from what I'm told. Also, my vag should be making some grossness afterwards. At least surgery is falling between the two major upcoming holidays.

On the other hand, my baking has never been better. I bake when I'm stressed, and I made two killer blueberry pies last night. marshmallow cookies tonight methinks, then gingerbread men. MMmmm.

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05:58pm 29/10/2008
  Sidebar: Getting a biopsy cut out of your cervix, especially when the doctor says, "Oops, that one's not big enough, I'll have to take another. You'll feel another little pinch..." pretty much the least comfortable thing I've ever experienced. Like, ever.

I've got something, they don't know how bad and won't til tests come back in like a week. It is for certain though that I'm going to have to go under and get some things lopped out of me. At least I won't be awake this time.

More to come.

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11:45am 28/10/2008
  Just a short one, I'm not blowing off all your comments, I go in for a test tomorrow and then I'll find out...sometime, about whether or not I have cancer...or else something else. I started a second job yesterday morning as well, I'm working 24 hours a week at the funeral home my mom works at doing office work. So no dead bodies. I'm reeeeally hoping to move out in the next couple weeks...my friend Tom Casey is supposed to move in with me, down from Sault St. Marie, so that should be fun.

More to come.

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Fade into you   
05:54pm 18/09/2008
  My guy totally gets points for this one:

Our first date was a wedding reception (he invited me, making my wedding tally in the double digits for this summer btw) and due to some unforeseen drama with his roommates (re: a brawl) we didn't end up getting to dance. At all! So, he felt guilty I guess, I certainly didn't care. But, then I went over to his house a few days later and he said, "I have a surprise for you, close your eyes." So, he leads me back through the house to his room, and he's turned off all the lights except this awesome Batman lamp that he has that makes shadows on the wall, and he's got his computer synced up to some slow songs (he made a whole playlist! which i pirated...) and danced with me finally.

How freakin sweet is that? Maybe my standards are just really, really, REALLY low due to a string of unimpressive dating for the past, eh, 7 years or so...but I thought it was amazingly sweet. And he's not a giant cheeseball either, which makes it sweeter. You know, he thought about it, about me, what would make me happy, and he did it.

I'm so not used to this. Fingers crossed that I don't manage to fuck this one up too badly too quickly!

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06:05pm 15/09/2008
  Haha, Well then, I'm going to give this thing a shot again because I sincerely miss writing.

So...life update: I went to China. Lived in Beijing for a little while. It was awesome, and I got to hang out with Carol and Erik all the time, as well as meet new pals, not the least of which was fellow CMU-er Todd, also interning at China Daily. We went out all the time, did some amazing things, it was fantastic. I have a video up on myspace and facebook of me bungee jumping at a gorge there. I taught english as a second language to 3 to 7 year olds. It was a totally different experience from working retail. I was surprisingly good at it, but, all in all not my thing. I may do it again though in the future, I'd like to move to Ecuador for a little bit and learn to scuba dive at Galapagos, and go to the Amazon of course. But that's all in the future.

I came back at the end of June-ish, spent some time enjoying not being employed. I didn't do much though, because my car was totally effed and I had very little money. So, eventually, I got my old job at JBR back and am working back there now. I'm trying to live it up here though, China really awakened a part of me that I thought I'd lost. I had a fun time recently at Toby and Dan's wedding and bachelorette party weekend. I had a very unexpected fling with an old flame, that of course turned right back into nothing as soon as I tried to talk to him about it. Go figure. But, I've just started dating someone new, a guy from the Dearborn area who I've met through the Ypsi band/bar scene. He's pretty amazing, sweet, and has a giant batman tattoo on his back from shoulder to shoulder. So all pluses right now, but we'll see how it goes, as it is very, very new. And of course it wouldn't be my relationship unless it came with a little backstory drama, he has a longtime ex, she just found out we're seeing each other, yada yada yada.

I'm hoping to move out in the very, very near future. I'd like to move in with Matt in Canton if that's still a possibility, but I haven't talked to him in quite a while so we'll have to see about that. It would be a bitchy commute to work, but my entire life outside work is now primarily in the westland to ann arbor range, so Canton would be a much better base of operations. Not to mention I wouldn't have to get woken up by an 80lb lab jumping on my stomach every morning.

There are other things...it's a pretty confusing time in my life. Crossroads and whatnot. We'll just have to see where it all leads. Might go back to grad school, we'll see. I'll try and keep things updated, but, YA KNOW.

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11:36am 05/09/2008
  Remember that time I had a livejournal?  

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12:59am 19/07/2007
  i'm a bad friend lately. sorry 'bout that.

if i don't call you back, it's usually just because i'm exhausted. i know, i suck.

i really do miss everyone. i might have to move to ohio soon. if i don't, i'm strongly considering china, or else new york with tricia. haven't decided.

that's pretty much all you need to know anyways right there. much love to all.

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01:42am 28/03/2007
  If you want to know about my trip to China, check out my myspace (now private).


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07:55pm 20/01/2007
  I'm posting because I'm bored.

I wish I had more melodramatic, self-obsessed and overly articulate psycho-bable to really bring that scroll button to warp speed on your friends page, but unfortunately, your humble protaganist has led a relatively drama-free existence as of late.

Here are some important things that have happened:

I went to Philly with Jess for New Year's Eve. I made out with a very nice jewish boy, who hosted a party we attended, dressed to impress. We also went to a Glassjaw show that was surprisingly good, for my not liking Glassjaw that much.

I should also note that I got an oil change the day before we left (Dec 30th--New Year's Eve Eve).

I came back into Michigan and went up to Mt. P/Saginaw for a Colieda show. They played well. Andrew and I finalized our trip decisions and I gave him money for my [expensive] ticket to China. Pat found out in Ireland the proper way to wear a Clauddagh and informed me of it, and invited me to come out and visit him there in Feb.(but I probably won't....I can't get the time off work sadly.)

A couple days later Carol and I went to visit Andrew in Midland, then went to Mt P again. We came back and I worked all week, then she and I went up to Mt P again for a three-day weekend. By the time I drove to work on the 12th, I needed to get another oil change.

Today was a crappy day at work....if anyone's ever bored and in Ann Arbor, please come fill out a credit app for me so that I don't have to troll around the mall looking for potential credit aps. It's really not fun.

The puppy is driving me insane. She keeps trying to eat my kitty. I'm not a fan of that. She's cute as fuck, however. I gave her a giant stuffed bear that Joe Viger got me for Valentine's Day in high school. She chews on it, of course, but she also sleeps with it which is too cute for words. I'll put up pictures maybe.

ok. done now.

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06:50pm 23/12/2006
  1.) Where did you ring in 2006?
At the Franklin House (aww)

2.) What was your status by Valentine's Day?
Same as now.

3.) Were you in school (anytime this year)?
Yep. Not since August though. PS the real world sucks.

4.) How did you earn your keep?
Now I have a fat paycheck, but during last year it was Subway, Pizza King and for a couple weeks cleaning rooms at the Baymont.

5.) Did you ever have to go to the hospital?
We took Ben in when he hurt his back

6.) Have you ever encountered the police?
Not last year no. Not really anyways.

7.) Where did you go on vacation?
Ummm I went to Cleveland/Cedar Point, mostly every day this past summer was a vacation though.

8.) What did you purchase that was over $500?
Tires and rims for my car. And not like "rims" just...rims.

9.) Did you know anybody who got married?
Dave and Tracy.

10.) Did you know anybody who passed away?
Yeah. I almost got to answer this one "no" this year, but my friend died in Iraq last week.

11.) Have you run into anybody you graduated high school with?
Far too many since I've been home.

12.) Did you move anywhere?

13.) What sporting events did you go to?
Matt and I went to opening night for the Red Wings, and Toby and I went to a Piston's game and sat in a suite.

14.) What concerts did you go to?
mostly Colieda, Philo or other local bands. Also Cursive though with BRobb.

15.) Are you registered to vote?

16.) Where do you live now?
Trenton, MI

17.) Describe your birthday.
My mom came up and my friends and I all went out to the bars and took the Hooptie limo over to Levi's. It was a lot of drunken fun

18.) What's the one thing you thought you would never do but did in 2006?
Moved back in with my parents.

19.) What is one thing you regretted this year?
Not becoming a vagabond.

20.) What's something you learned about yourself?
I need to be surrounded by friends or else i'm depressed. (good answer Jess)

21.) Any new additions to your family?
we got a puppy last week

22.) What was your best month?
any of the summer months really, maybe not august, May or June or July though.

23.) What from pop culture will you remember 2006 by?

24.) How would you rate this year with a scale from 1 (shitty) to 10 (excellent)?
until Aug. 10: 9 out of 10. After that....maybe a 5

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07:32pm 16/11/2006
  So Andrew Stefano and I are most likely going to China in March during his spring break. I'm pretty geeked about this.  

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Attention friends of Carol   
02:27pm 06/11/2006
  Carol's coming home most likely in January for a month and a half!!!  

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I went and got a life this week.   
02:29am 02/11/2006

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